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trapinatorbannerSetting Instructions

This instruction manual is a step by step guide on how to install and set the Trapinator Possum Trap. Trapinator possum trap is lightweight and easy to use trap which will help control your pest problems.

step 1
1. Mount trap to designated tree, about 1 metre from the ground. Remove lid and screw in 3 nails where holes are apparent
step 2
2. At the base of the trap, place screw in the hole provided. Your trap is now firmly positioned!
step 3
3. Lift up bait bar as shown above
step 4
4. Rotate plastic baiter upwards
step 5
5. Apply suitable bait paste
step 6
6. Return the plastic baiter facing downwards
step 7
7. Refit Trap lid
step 8
8. You can add some paste on the tree and bottom of the trap to attract possums
step 9
9. Using side lever, push forward to set the trap
step 10
10. Trapinator is now ready to catch possums. Once a possum is caught the lever will fire forward. To remove possum simply reset the lever.